We care about the environment: BIO cotton

Teniamo all'ambiente: il cotone BIO

Today's challenge for the fight against climate change and the search for a lifestyle dedicated to sustainability have led us at Meravigghia to choose to use BIO cotton for our garments, in fact by the end of 2022 we aim to have our entire collection winter entirely in BIO cotton and / or recycled cotton.

BIO cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the aid of toxic chemical treatments , a bit like with BIO food products. It is harvested entirely by hand in a completely natural way, also guaranteeing the integrity of the cotton fibers.

This type of cotton is also softer and lasts much longer than traditional cotton, doing good for the wearer's skin. Another important feature is its being hypoallergenic , therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, its cultivation is totally sustainable for the environment, as it does not use substances that are harmful to nature and man during its processing .

Another type of cotton that is part of Meravigghia 's ethos is recycled cotton . This type of cotton is very simply a material that allows you to re-enhance those cotton fibers that would have been thrown into landfills or used in low-value productions. This type of cotton is obtained by combining cotton waste generated during the processing of raw materials and cotton fibers from garments that have now reached the end of their life cycle.

In short, the use of organic cotton compared to traditional cotton is not only fundamental to combat environmental pollution but it is also a question of social ethics . The use of standard cotton is in fact one of the main causes of environmental pollution and the pesticides and other chemical agents used during its processing persist even after washing the garments in the washing machine and over time a part of them is absorbed by our skin.

Why did we choose the use of biological materials ? Simple, to move slowly towards a culture and a way of thinking in favor of the environment and ecology. We obviously know that with our choices we will not change the world alone, but we hope that other people seeing us can take us as an example to improve on these issues of environmental protection .

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